The role of money


Previous area based initiatives have included varying degrees of financial investment and community involvement in decision making about how funding is used to improve an area. Under Big Local, residents have control over how at least one million pounds in each of 150 areas is used to make a positive difference. 

Learning from the early stages of Big Local’s delivery identified many examples of the funding helping to connect and engage residents and other local organisations.  Yet the money could also create tensions between residents and with external organisations over who should control how it was used and who had rights to benefit.



In the video, Anne considers how the ‘money’ acts as a mechanism for change in Big Local areas.

Further resources


CiC research summary #2: The role of money in a place based programme   the Big Local programme?  CiC Summary #2 Money final

Reynolds, J. Egan, M, Renedo, A, and Petticrew, M. Conceptualising the ‘community’ as a recipient of money–A critical literature review, and implications for health and inequalities. Social Science & Medicine. 2015 143: 88-97.

Other topics



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