Existing health research has often focused on measuring changes in control at the individual level.  The research aimed to understand how control could be conceptualised at the collective level, by exploring the ways in which control was developing among groups of residents actively involved in the programme.  For example, as Big Local partnerships became established and achieved early successes, confidence in their ability to affect change grew, with residents developing or pooling knowledge to address local issues and developing or consolidating relationships with agencies. 



In the video, Katie describes how collective control was developing among groups of residents involved in Big Local.


Further resources


CiC research summary #1: How is collective control developing among residents involved in the Big Local programme? CiC Summary #1 Collective Control final




Other topics


⇒ Spaces and opportunities that place based programmes create for participation and extent this is inclusive​.


⇒ How place based funding acts as a mechanism for change in resident led decision making.


⇒ How geographical areas are portrayed and the impact of this for residents living there.